Jim Glennie Takeover: Manchester City Fan Playlist


Listen to hand picked tunes from bassist of Manchester rock group James and City diehard Jim Glennie on the Manchester City Fan Playlist on Spotify.

The namesake of and the longest serving member of the band, Jim has been a constant in the British rock scene scene since James‘ formation back in 1982. Best known for hits including ‘Come Home’ and ‘Sit Down’, they have sold over 25 million albums worldwide.

Jim was born in the Moss Side area – where City’s former home Maine Road used to be – and is the definition of a true Sky Blue. Despite this, he will be donning the iconic red kit of fierce rivals Manchester United for a good cause this weekend.

Alongside his son Jake and a group of City fans, he’ll be taking part in a sponsored climb of Ben Nevis – the UK’s highest mountain – on Saturday October 13 for the Debbie Goodman Appeal. Jim explained more about the climb in the video below, however you can also read about their cause and donate to it on their JustGiving Fundraising Page.

Jim is one of the first musicians alongside West Ham supporter Joseph J. Jones to take over his club’s playlist. He’s picked 11 songs to go on it, alongside other City supporting artists and some of the hottest new releases.

Almost all clubs have more than one song or anthem that fans associate with them, but which one do you identify with your club the most?

It would have to be ‘Blue Moon’. Obvious but still true. Tugs on the old heart strings when it rings out around The Etihad.

The Bobby Vinton version was mine and Catherine’s first dance at our wedding. We smooched around the dance floor and I tried not to stand on her toes.

What song takes you back to your earliest memories of watching football when you were a child?

It would have to be the ‘Match Of The Day’ theme. I challenge any football fan not to be stirred by it and come jogging in from the kitchen, spilling tea everywhere, when they hear it start up.

Which song reminds you of your favourite memory as a football fan, and what is that memory?

I’ll try and not mention too many James songs but it’s got to be City v QPR on the final day of the season in 2012. In the space of three minutes, I’d gone from being majorly, emotionally traumatised to ecstatic.

During the post-match celebrations they played ‘Laid’ and on the Sky footage you can see me jumping up and down with a cigar I’ve got from somewhere.

Who is your favourite player to ever pull on the shirt for your club, and what song always reminds you of them when you hear it?

Bert Trautmann. He was a German POW who decided to stay over here when he was released after the war ended. He went onto become a true hero and was much loved by the fans. Most people remember him for playing through the last 17 minutes of the 1956 FA Cup Final with a broken neck.

I don’t really have a song for Bert but let’s pick ‘Das Lied Der Deutschen’, which is the German national anthem. A little reminder of back home for him.

When travelling to a game as a fan, which song will get you the most pumped up heading to the ground?

Doves  ‘Pounding’. Top tune from some fellow City boys. When are they going to reform?

Jim Glennie (fourth from left) with the rest of James.

What song would you pick to be playing in the stadium whilst your team’s players are warming up?

I think I’d pick ‘Born Slippy’ by Underworld. It takes it’s time getting going, as you should in any good warm up, but is still very uplifting.

What is the last song you’d choose to play in the dressing room to get your side in the zone before they leave to line up in the tunnel?

‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica.  Ridiculous I know, but it will get them out on the pitch on time if nothing else!

Which song, that’s not one of your own, would you pick to be played at home as your team walk out of the tunnel and why?

‘Chariots Of Fire’ by Vangelis.  It’s just heroic and makes everybody run in slow motion,  which might be quite interesting…at least until the game starts.

On the other hand, if you could choose one of your own songs for your club to walk out of the tunnel to at home, what would it be and why?

We have written a few footy themed songs but I’d have to pick ‘Curse Curse’. It’s a huge James anthem with the immortal line ‘Messi shoots and scores, a hundred thousand came.’

What is the song you’d pick to be played at full time for the players and fans to celebrate a win with?

I’d like Louis Armstrong‘s ‘What A Wonderful World’. A bit low key I know. My dad Tom was cremated to this and it always makes me teary but in a really good way. City winning and then having a good old cry; what’s there not to like?

There are countless songs that people associate with football in the UK and around the world, but what is the best football anthem or song of all time?

I think I’d have to pick ‘Three Lions’. Virtually all football songs are terrible. No, I’ll correct that – ALL football songs apart from this one are terrible. I just wish we could put our demons to bed and win it again.

If you’re off to the Etihad to back the defending Premier League champions or donning the iconic Sky Blue kit from afar ahead of their next game, make sure to give Jim’s playlist picks a whirl to get you ready for kick off in style!

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