Dutch DJ Joe Stone shares latest track ‘Nothing Else (When I Think Of You)’


One of Holland’s most renowned DJ/producers Joe Stone returns with perhaps his most acclaimed single to date, ‘Nothing Else (When I Think Of You)’.

Known and loved for his funky house sound, inspired by 90’s grooves, never too shy to incorporate samples from classic pop and R&B tunes, he’s taking his approach next level with this incredible new track.

Building momentum with strong house rhythms and classic sounding melody, the upbeat vibe is enhanced with world famous vocal lines, taken from Janet Jackson’s 80’s hit ‘When I Think Of You’.

Listen to ‘Nothing Else (When I Think Of You)’ by Joe Stone on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

The vocals’ sentiments have stood the test of time and are perfectly blended with Joe’s undeniable and timeless production skills.

In essence, this is a club tune, drenched in feel good vibes, but with the potential of turning into a worldwide pop gem.

Joe Stone is the alter ego of Dutch DJ Maurice Oude Booyink, who’s been working as a DJ/producer for years, making waves with a full-fledged, contemporary though 90s style house sound.

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