Joseph J. Jones Takeover: West Ham United Fan Playlist


Listen to hand picked tunes from singer-songwriter and Irons fan Joseph J. Jones as he takes over the West Ham United Fan Playlist on Spotify.

Having grown up around a musical family, Joesph picked up a guitar aged 16 and begun playing cover sets around the East London pub circuit. He got his big break in 2015 when he was spotted performing at a gig in Dalston and was offered a deal by Communion Records.

Since then the 25-year old has continued to build his profile with soul-filled single and EP releases, averaging over 100,000 streams a month on Spotify. His highly-anticipated debut album ‘Broken Bones Vol. 1’ dropped on October 5.

Joseph is our first artist to take over their club’s playlist and has picked 11 songs to go on it, alongside other Hammers supporting artists and some of the hottest new tracks.

Almost all clubs have more than one song or anthem that fans associate with them, but which one do you identify with your club the most?

I’m a West Ham fan so there’s only one really and that’s ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles’. Screaming that out during kick off is a religious affair!

What song takes you back to your earliest memories of watching football when you were a child?

I think ‘Three Lions’ is the earliest song I can relate to football. I always remember it when I was very young when Germany played England in 2001. I got to watch the game at my local with my dad.

All my school mates were there too. The song pumped out every time we scored a goal so obviously five times! It was the first taste of how important football is. I got to stay up and people were singing and dancing all night. It’s stuck with me for life.

Which song reminds you of your favourite memory as a football fan, and what is that memory?

I always remember beating Liverpool 3-1 under Big Sam about four years ago. All my mates had gone to Vegas and I couldn’t get any money together to go so got left behind.

My best mate gave me his season ticket whilst he was away so I went to the game with his brother. After thrashing them we went back to the pub and everyone was singing ‘Sweet Caroline’.

Who is your favourite player to ever pull on the shirt for your club, and what song always reminds you of them when you hear it?

One of my favourite players was Carlos Tevez. Whenever I hear ‘The Great Escape’ it takes me back to when he scored that goal against Man United to keep us up in the Premier League!

When travelling to a game as a fan, which song will get you the most pumped up heading to the ground?

Kendrick Lamar always gets me going before a game. ‘DNA’ is a tune!

Joseph J. Jones2 2018

What song would you pick to be playing in the stadium whilst your team’s players are warming up?

“Power” by Kanye West.

What is the last song you’d choose to play in the dressing room to get your side in the zone before they leave to line up in the tunnel?

I reckon waiting in the tunnel, hearing “Lose Yourself” by Eminem would sink in and get you going!

Which song, that’s not one of your own, would you pick to be played at home as your team walk out of the tunnel and why?

‘R U Mine?’ by Artic Monkeys. Absolute banger.

On the other hand, if you could choose one of your own songs for your club to walk out of the tunnel to at home, what would it be and why?

I’ve got a song called ‘No Mercy’ that’s a pretty hard hitting. The message wouldn’t relate to footy but it’s just one to get you going!

What is the song you’d pick to be played at full time for the players and fans to celebrate a win with?

‘We Are The Champions’ by Queen. Just to rub it in the face of the opposition.

There are countless songs that people associate with football in the UK and around the world, but what is the best football anthem or song of all time?

Club wise as mentioned ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles’. Internationals – for me it’s Three Lions’ and World in Motion’.

Whether you’re off to the London Stadium to cheer on Manuel Pellegrini‘s side or sat in front of the TV or radio decked in claret and blue, make sure to give Joseph’s selection of tracks a spin to get you in the zone before the next West Ham United game.

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