New York indie band Joywave share latest single ‘Buy American’


New York indie rock group Joywave share ‘Buy American’, their brand new single and latest track taken from forthcoming album Cleanse, out on February 11.

‘Buy American’ follows the release of previous single ‘Cyn City 2000’ in 2021. Last year also saw the trio release the Every Window Is A Mirror EP – consisting of four tracks that will also be featured on Cleanse: Pray For The Reboot’, ‘Every Window Is A Mirror’, ‘After Coffee’ and ‘The Inversion’.

Discussing the transition from their previous release, Possession to their latest work, frontman Dan Armbruster says, “This is the first time since Joywave has been a known entity that I can remember no one explicitly asking me to make a record. Our third LP, “Possession”, came out March 13th 2020, and the world stopped just a few days later.”

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Dan continues, “Our whole album cycle was dead on arrival. We had spent close to 18 months making and setting up that record. It was crushing to watch everything we had worked so hard to roll out in just the right way obliterated in an instant.

“But creatively, the timing couldn’t have been better. I had a few loose demos beyond “Possession”, but for the first time in years there were no expectations, no one calling to check in, not even my bandmates around. Just me alone in my basement like it used to be.

“On “Possession” I felt like we had really perfected the Joywave of the first two records. I wanted to move past that and leave those sounds, ideas, and especially grievances in the past. Something more positive began to emerge. With our dense touring schedule shelved, I was able to reflect on past travels and appreciate them in a new way.

But reminders of our fragile mortality were everywhere, punctuated by the ongoing pandemic and civil unrest. The music began to encompass all of this. It became the words, encouragement, and occasional cautions that I would want to share with you if this was the last time we spoke. And with all this time spent looking inward came the realisation that there were still a few chips I was carrying on my shoulder that I needed to let go of. Maybe you have those too.”

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