Country and Americana artist Kerri Watt shares ‘Chasing Aeroplanes’


Singer-songwriter Kerri Watt releases ‘Chasing Aeroplanes’, the new single from her upcoming 2020 album.

The single was recorded in Austin, Texas, with Grammy-nominated producer Machine (Lamb Of God, Clutch, Fall Out Boy) and a live band, in an unexpected but evidently successful musical partnership.

Not every day does the opportunity arise for an artist to work with someone who sits so dramatically on the opposite end of the musical scale, but whose artistry is still compatible. So when Kerri Watt, who had garnered the affection of the country and Americana community with her live shows and debut single, was told that metal and rock producer Machine was interested in working with her, she jumped at the opportunity.

Listen to ‘Chasing Aeroplanes’ by Kerri Watt on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

“When I first heard that Machine might be interested in doing the record, I was pretty excited to be honest. I loved the idea of joining forces with someone from a totally different genre to bring something unique to the sound. Machine and I spoke at length about the sound of the album, influences, bands/playlists/moods we liked and found we had a lot in common.”

The single is indicative of Kerri’s willingness to evolve as an artist, expand her sonic pallet, and her fearlessness at introducing fans to elements of her musical upbringing that they perhaps would not have suspected.

Machine grasped all the elements of Kerri’s songwriting that could be emphasised and pushed to the forefront to help her transition from country darling to fully fledged rockstar, whilst retaining the essence of the songs.

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