International group King Calaway share title track from debut album ‘Rivers’


Multi-vocalist/instrumentalist group King Calaway have shared the single ‘Rivers’ the title track from their debut studio album, released via BMG.

Six unique voices. Six top-notch instrumentalists. Three different countries. Featuring a half dozen musicians from both sides of the Atlantic – from the small towns of the American Midwest and the Atlantic Seaboard to Gibraltar and Edinburgh – the band has already accomplished major milestones most young artists can only dream of.

Their achievements so far include appearing on US TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the ever-popular Australian soap Neighbours, performing at iconic US venues, opening for stadium acts and playing main stage at MTV’s Gibraltar Calling 2019 alongside Take That and Rick Astley.

Listen to ‘Rivers’ by King Calaway on the Official F1 Tracks playlist on Spotify.

Having recorded the album Rivers, impressively in single-take, full band recordings, their live shows display the band’s pitch-perfect vocals, exemplary musicianship and charismatic performance.

In America the band has been lauded by Rolling Stone for bringing an “exuberance to the stage…each taking solo parts between lushly harmonized chorus parts.” Now, after stunning audiences at their debut mainland UK show at London’s Gibson Show Rooms, King Calaway are being hotly tipped this side of the pond.

Before coming together in 2018, bandmates Caleb Miller, Chris Deaton, Simon Dumas, Jordan Harvey, Chad Michael Jervis and Austin Luther all pursued their own solo careers, racking up a long list of milestones — including CMA Awards performances, international tours, session gigs, and BBC TV appearances — along the way.

They could all sing. They could all play. And one by one, they all found their way to Nashville, drawn to the city by its rich, diverse music scene.

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