Legion & Logam collab with Tyler Hill for brand new track ‘I Blame Myself’


Drum and bass duo Legion and Logam are back with their latest single ‘I Blame Myself’, featuring fellow Atlanta musician Tyler Hill.

Legion & Logam stand as a historic part of the Ram Records roster. They were the first American act to be signed exclusively to the label and as a result, they’ve helped to bridge the gap which has formed across the Atlantic when it comes to the darker edges of dance music. However with Ram standing at the helm of its expansion in the US, drum & bass has never looked healthier.

On first listen to the brand new single forthcoming from the production trio, it’s easy to see how this has happened. Recorded within the versatile music scene of Atlanta, GA, Legion & Logam brought Tyler Hill on board to have his rich vocals added to their emotive track ‘I Blame Myself’.

Listen to ‘I Blame Myself (feat. Tyler Hill)’ by Legion & Logam on Shoot Music’s New Releases playlist on Spotify.

After a chance meeting between Legion member Hunter and Tyler Hill through a mutual friend, Legion & Logam moulded Hill’s own folk record into their 174bpm guidelines, within just one take.

On first listen to their collaboration, it’s easy to see why this chance meeting proved so fruitful for both the artists and the imprint. Legion & Logam have shown that they’re able to produce both underground, percussive club tracks and daintier vocal-lead tracks, most notably their breakthrough ‘House of Cards’ cut which dropped on Program.

‘I Blame Myself’ follows the same vibe, with its soft percussive pads and rising synths building its formula, whilst Tyler’s voice sits dreamlike on top of its heavy layering. Guitar strums help introduce Tyler’s harmonising and you’re soon taken into its gradual breakdown, taken through by a bassline that leads you deep into the heart of ‘I Blame Myself’.

It’s a stunning follow up to Legion & Logam’s first single on the Ram Records imprint and it demonstrates the contemporary world of Ram, as well as the bridges its building within electronic music.

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