Lenny Kravitz’s ‘5 More Days Til Summer’ is a sweet and sunny story


Lenny Kravitz has released a brand new single, ‘5 More Days Til Summer‘, taken from his upcoming album, ‘Raise Vibration‘, which is set for release on September 7, 2018 (BMG) and available for pre-order now.

As a sunny acoustic guitar slides towards a swooning refrain on this wistful new single, the wail of a wah wah pedal solo proves as hummable as the song’s hook as Lenny Kravitz shares a tale overhead in a bar.

“It’s a story about an older man in his late sixties,” Lenny Kravitz explained.

“He doesn’t have a wife, he works the night shift, sleeps during the day, and has only seen the dark for so long.

“He has been saving his money and is about take his first ever vacation.

“I thought about the life he was living and the fantasy he was about to have.

“I saw him transforming into his younger self and reliving what he should’ve lived back in the day even though he was in an older body.

“It’s a joyous and sweet pop tune.”

Listen to Lenny Kravitz‘s ‘5 More Days Til Summer‘ on Shoot Music’s New Releases Playlist above.

Lenny Kravitz elevates the union of rock ‘n’ roll, funk, blues, and soul once again on his eleventh full-length album, Raise Vibration.

Receptive to youthful inspiration, but enlightened by three decades of wisdom, it represents a powerful creative rebirth and a bold, bright, and brilliant body of work befitting of his legacy and boundless spirit.

Regarded as one of the pre-eminent rock musicians of our time, Lenny Kravitz has transcended genre, style, race and class over the course of a 20-year musical career.

Revelling in the soul, rock and funk influences of the ’60s and ’70s, this writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist has won four consecutive Grammy Awards, as well as set a record for the most wins in the “Best Male Rock Vocal Performance” category.

In addition to Lenny Kravitz‘s ten studio albums, which have sold 40 million worldwide, this multidimensional artist has segued into film, appearing as Cinna in the box-office hits, “The Hunger Games” and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

Lenny Kravitz can also be seen in the critically-acclaimed films “Precious” and “The Butler.”

His creative firm Kravitz Design Inc, touts an impressive portfolio of noteworthy ventures, with a range that includes hotel properties, condominium projects, private residences, and high-end legendary brands like Rolex, Leica and Dom Perignon.

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