Liverpool fans The Coral have ‘Eyes Like Pearls’


Eyes Like Pearls‘ is the new single from The Coral, which is from the new album ‘Move Through The Dawn‘, released on August 10 on Ignition Records.

Their latest release has been added to the Liverpool FC Official Playlist, for whom the band support.

The unashamedly romantic ‘Eyes Like Pearls’ is the second single to be taken from the new album and follows the BBC 6Music playlisted lead single ‘Sweet Release’.

The animated video for ‘Eyes Like Pearls’ is available to view here. Directed, animated and produced by Neil Mclean, the video is, “like a cross between Button Moon and Short Circuit,” said The Coral frontman James Skelly.

“It puts a whole new spin on the song. We love it, Neil did a great job.”

The Coral returned recharged after a five-year hiatus with 2016’s psychedelic, riff-heavy ‘Distance Inbetween’.

Now with ‘Move Through The Dawn’ they have come back with an album filled with perfectly crafted songs: melodic, hopeful.

A key influence was Phil Spector’s 70s albums with The Ramones and Dion; albums that brought a big sound while still holding onto a sense of innocence.


The band also cite early Bob Marley, ELO and even the Traveling Wilburys as inspirations, while a simple lyrical and philosophical theme runs throughout: trying to find something real in a world that seems more artificial by the day.

Move Through The Dawn’ is also, in true Coral fashion, eccentric. It is informed by 60s and 70s music but hardly beholden to it, and very much with its own character.