Louis and the Shakes share ‘On One’ alongside debut album details


Louis and The Shakes are set to release their exhilarating debut album How Badly Do You Want It? on 30 September, featuring new single, ‘On One’.

After an onslaught of releases flaunting their trademark ‘western rock,’ sound, their epic enthralling new release expertly showcases their fuzz driven hooks, thundering drums and dizzying lyrics captivating new age indie lovers.

The song is also set to feature on the upcoming virtual reality video game Unplugged due for release in October, which is the modern answer to Guitar Hero. The band will line up alongside legends such as The Clash, The Hives, T Rex and more.

Listen to ‘On One’ by Louis and the Shakes on the Official F1 Tracks Playlist on Spotify.

Since kicking off 2021 the London quartet have not been shy branding themselves as hard
hitting guitar slingers, releasing critically acclaimed tracks ‘Losing My Mind’ and the album title track which was included on Amazon Music’s ‘Best New Bands’ playlist.

Despite their infectious riff powered songs, The Shakes’ most recent single ‘Bullet 4 U’
displays a more mature side to their craft and shows depth to what they are pursuing. The
soulful ballad received high praise from BBC Introducing & Radio X’s John Kennedy.

On writing & recoding their self-released debut album, the band said, “There is a concept behind this album. We didn’t want to just put 12 high octane songs out there.

“Each song has a meaning and is relevant to the story that unfolds, so there’s more to it than meets the ear…for us, the title is significant to what we were experiencing as a band during the recording of this album. It was more of a rhetorical question to ourselves, and for anyone listening – if you really want something, go out and get it.”

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