Sibling duo The Luck share ‘Lionheart’ from new album ‘Ready To Run’


Country-Americana duo The Luck have returned to premiere their gutsy new single ‘Lionheart’ taken from their brand new album Ready To Run.

A dynamic and empowering track, ‘Lionheart’ was written in London by The Luck and composer-producer Fabien Waltmann.

Max and Esmay were back in their hometown following a string of musical adventures in California. With its feel-good vibe and euphoria inducing melodies, it is the perfect anthem to lead us through the sunny summer months.

Listen to ‘Lionheart’ by The Luck on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

Opening with a bang, the track’s energy continues to build until we reach its summit, an upbeat chorus filled with elation and uplifting harmonies.

‘Lionheart is about the battle we all face inside to confront our demons and overcome our self doubts’, explained Esmay when asked about the meaning behind the single. ‘It’s a confidence-themed call to arms about summoning the power inside to hold your head high and believe in yourself’.

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