Mabel shares heartfelt Christmas single ‘Loneliest Time Of The Year’


Mabel has released surprise new Christmas song ‘Loneliest Time Of Year’, which is available now on Polydor Records.

This caps off a nonetheless incredible year for the 23-year-old. ‘Don’t Call Me Up’ is the biggest selling single of the year by a UK female artist (with ‘Mad Love’ also in the annual top 10), having surpassed one million sales and her debut album, High Expectations, also charted at #3.

‘Loneliest Time Of The Year’ has the warm feel of a classic Christmas song, but – from its “sorry I’m not so merry / but I feel like this yearly” opening – one graced with Mabel’s trademark, brutally honest twist.

Listen to ‘Loneliest Time Of The Year’ by Mabel on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

Wrapping twinkling R&B and gospel melodies up with Mabel’s richly soulful voice, the track takes a lifelong love of Destiny’s Child’s ‘8 Days Of Christmas’ and pairs it with a raw emotive lyric for those who find the holiday season far from the most wonderful time of the year.

Whether tackling a toxic breakup (‘Don’t Call Me Up’), experiences of depression and
anxiety – ‘OK (Anxiety Anthem)’ – or the harsh realities of Christmas, Mabel has emerged as a songwriter able to draw power in times of vulnerability.

It’s this candid but positive outlook that makes her one of the UK’s most refreshing young role models – after all, as she sings on ‘Loneliest Time Of The Year’, it “can’t just be me feeling like this” – and the perfect, knowingly-imperfect modern pop star.

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