Magnetude take a slower approach to their D’n’B sound on ‘Before The Dawn’


Drum & bass duo Magnetude are joined by long-time collaborator Julia Marks, who adds her stunning vocal crescendos and heartfelt lyricism into the mix, for their new single ‘Before the Dawn’

‘Before the Dawn’ still orchestrates the same sonic altitudes which Magnetude have presented throughout their previous singles on Ram Records, including the likes of ‘Arcade’ and ‘Snatch’ – although the emotions which mould with the distorted-bass rhythms and peaking synthesizers of ‘Before the Dawn’ bring you through to another part of their musical capabilities.

The record highlights how Magnetude aren’t just drum & bass producers. They stretch their talents throughout a range of subgenres, which is also something Ram became renowned for during dance music’s explosion into the commercial sphere.

Listen to ‘Before The Dawn (feat. Julia Marks)’ by Magnetude on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

Ram wasn’t the beginning of Magnetude’s path, but it’s an imprint which as represented a home for the Anglo-Russian duo and it’s a place where they’ve been able to explore their creativity.

However, it’s their raucous, dancefloor cuts which have created a place for them within the 25-year strong Ram Records back catalogue and it’s ensured they’ve become a buy-on-site duo for DJs across the drum & bass spectrum.

For their latest release, they’ve decided to slow down the tempo and focus on a different side of their production repertoire. However, on the reverse, there’s a drum & bass mix for fans who crave for their beats to be at a quicker pace.

Already spearheaded by the likes of Andy C, ‘Before the Dawn’ is a statement from Magnetude and gives another clear insight into the newcomer’s ambitions. With more music already prepared for the New Year, it’s about to be another very determined 12 months for Magnetude, alongside an already impressive output of releases.

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