The Manor get set for the summer with Kideko’s remix of ‘Ibiza’


The Manor return with a pure statement of summer intent with their latest offering of the Kideko remix of ‘Ibiza’.

Taking a hook from Bob Marley’s classic ‘Sun is Shining’, the family loved it on first play and it’s one of the only samples in recent years that’s been cleared by the Marleys themselves.

The Manor are the sound of their south London manor, local heroes and viral superstars rapping about universal pastimes.

Listen to ‘Ibiza (Kideko remix)’ by The Manor on the Official Premier League Training playlist on Spotify.

A hip hop-goes-UKG-goes-R&Britpop trio, loud and proud and defiant. MCs Danny Graft, Scotty Stacks and Jonny Dutch are schooldays friends turned pie-eyed pipers with a common touch, a natural flow and an infectious ability to draw everyone to the party.

By “everyone” they mean everyone from Mike Skinner to Andi Peters, Tyson Fury to Dean Gaffney, the Beckenham massive to the sold out crowds in North London venues like Koko and The Forum.

And by “party”, Scotty says “Our gigs are a party where everyone is involved. It’s always inclusive, never divisive. Doesn’t matter what your religion, your tastes, your rump.”

Danny adds “Everyone is sweet. Not only that, everyone is taking the piss out of themselves. Everyone is having a laugh, at themselves. That’s the main thing. That’s why there is no needle at our gigs, only love.”

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