French singer Marwa Loud shares viral TikTok hit ‘Bad Boy’


Marwa Loud shares her track ‘Bad Boy’, originally released in 2018 and currently one of the most used sounds on TikTok.

The trend comes from a football video posted by Only Skills Soccer, which has been widely shared globally. This has led to ‘Bad Boy’ becoming the most used soundtrack to football videos on the popular video-sharing social networking service.

Last week the track clocked in 3.1 Million Streams and charted at #11 on Shazam Worldwide. It’s currently hyper viral and is charting and streaming in most countries around the world.

Listen to ‘Bad Boy’ by Marwa Loud on the Official F1 Tracks playlist on Spotify.

Born in France of Moroccan descent, it all happened very fast for Marwa. After a studious childhood, she stopped school to try her luck in the jungle of the music business. “Music made me quit school”, says the young woman who was a fan of the artist Diam’s before she became a singer herself.

She went to Brussels in 2014 at only 17 years old, to record her first original song, ‘Ce Soir’, with a chance meeting with French-Moroccan singer and rapper Lartiste resulting in her signing with his label Purple Money and release her first two albums Loud – which features ‘Bad Boy’ – in 2018 and My Life in 2019.

Marwa tells it like it is in her music. No hiding her feelings or compromising on her choices. She doesn’t need a stylist or a mentor to tell her what she wants, she knows who she is: a popular artist, an Edith Piaf from the ghetto, a singer who loves her family, music and sportswear. Family is at the heart of Marwa’s music and her sisters stand next to her in her videos.

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