Matchday DJ Of The Week #11 – Matthew Rollason (West Bromwich Albion F.C.)


Welcome back to ‘Matchday DJ Of The Week’, where each week we interview a matchday DJ from the world of football, asking them 10 serious and not so serious questions.

In the spotlight this week we have West Bromwich Albion’s very own, Matt Rollason!






The Interview 

SM: When did you take over as Matchday DJ at The Hawthorns?

MR: I took over in August of 1985.

SM: How did you initially get into the role?

MR: I used to DJ in a private members club, and the club secretary was a member there. I got to know him pretty well and he eventually asked me if I was interested.

SM: Can you remember your first football match/stadium experience?

MR: It was with my dad, standing on an old suitcase so I could see!

SM: Would you say your first experience of live football and the memories of that day were motivation for taking on the role of stadium DJ?

MR: Honestly, no… not really. 

SM: In all your time at West Brom, who’s the best player you’ve seen wear the famous navy and white stripes?

MR: As a fan, I would say Cyrille Regis. While working at the club, it’s got to be Bob Taylor.



SM: Who is your favourite artist/band of all time?

MR: George Benson

SM: Which piece of music do you think is the ultimate track for motivating a footballing side?

MR: Each club is different, but at WBA it’s ‘Liquidator‘ (by Harry J Allstars) that gets ’em going.

SM: Do you have an all-time favourite track that you play at The Hawthorns?

MR: For me, it would have to be ‘Liquidator’ again.

SM: What are the main songs you use week in, week out at the ground?

MR: I always play ‘Carmina Burana: O Fortuna’ by Carl Orff, ‘Insomnia‘ by Faithless, and of course ‘Liquidator‘ by Harry J Allstars once again. I introduced ‘Carmina Burana’ & ‘Insomnia‘ years ago. Nobody else played them at the time, and now loads do! I’m keen to change things up but they are so popular with fans now that it’d be hard to… especially ‘Insomnia’. I also began playing ‘Sandstorm’ (by Darude) at half-time around 25 years ago, now Spurs play it every time they score (not often then…).


SM: On a final note, are there any funny mishaps/cock-ups that have taken place that come to mind when you think about your career so far?

MR: Honestly, there’ve been loads. For example, when I told the crowd if they didn’t sit in the correct seats, they would be… ejac*lated! Whoops.



We’d like to say a huge thank you to Matt for taking the time to talk to us. We wish him and all of The Baggies’ players, staff and supporters the very best for the 2021/22 season!

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