Matchday DJ Of The Week #17 – Lance Cook (Bristol Rovers F.C.)


Welcome back to ‘Matchday DJ Of The Week’, where each week we interview a matchday DJ, asking them 10 serious and not so serious questions. This week we sat down and had a chat with Bristol Rovers’ very own Lance Cook!





The Interview 

SM: When did you take over as Matchday DJ for Bristol Rovers?

LC: I started working for the club from the 2001/02 season, the season of Gerry Francis’ second coming at the Rovers.

SM: How did you initially get into the role of Matchday DJ?

LC: I was a month shy of turning 16, my biggest passions were football and music, I was a season ticket holder in the North Terrace the season prior, and my Dad sponsored the man of the match award. One game during that season Dad took me to the PA Box and I thought it was the coolest thing, watching the match from the best seat in the house, while seeing the DJ at the time being part of the atmosphere by playing the tunes. Before the 2001/02 season, I was asked if I fancied a go at being the DJ, and I jumped at the chance. It was a testament to Nick Day, who was the stadium announcer at the time, to take on a teenage kid who was obsessed with heavy metal, but from that first game against Torquay United, I traded in my season ticket for a stack of CD’s and haven’t looked back since, and my role has now transcended to the stadium announcer at the club.

SM: Can you remember your first football match/stadium experience?

LC: I grew up in Cardiff, and my Dad who is a big Rovers fan, always wanted to take me to a match. I was always hesitant at first, but I thought I’d go straight in at the deep end when he took me to Ninian Park to watch Rovers play Cardiff City in the 1993/94 season. We were in the Cardiff end that afternoon, and I think it was tough for him to keep me quiet as Rovers ended up winning!

SM: Would you say your first experience of live football and the memories of that day were motivation for taking on the role of stadium DJ?

LC: The initial experience wasn’t the catalyst for me wanting to take the role, but by watching the Rovers more and more over the years at Twerton and The Mem, you pick up more elements of the atmosphere you are immersed in. For me, that was mainly the soundtrack over the tannoy and the announcer whipping up the Gasheads to a frenzy. I always wanted to do something that merged my two biggest passions, and I am incredibly proud to have achieved that.

SM: In all your time at the Memorial Stadium, who’s the best player you’ve seen wear the famous blue & white strip?

LC: Since working for the club, it can only be one man, and that’s Rickie Lambert. He was a great player for us, scoring so many iconic goals, and playing a part in some massive moments for the club. He will always go down in Gas folklore for the winner he scored at The Mem against Bristol City. I’m sure I speak for every Gashead when we all followed his career with pride after he left the club, the highlights of which were signing for Liverpool and scoring for England with his first touch against Scotland. I have to give a few notable shoutouts to the brilliant Steve Elliott and Billy Bodin too, Bodin is the most skilful player I have seen in the quarters.




SM: Who is your favourite artist/band of all time?

LC: Ozzy Osbourne. Not only my favourite artist of all time but my idol ever since I was a kid. Again, I have to give notable shoutouts to the Manic Street Preachers, who we play on the regular at Rovers, Holding Absence, a superb band from South Wales who have dropped one of the best records of 2021 with ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’, and German firework connoisseurs Rammstein, who are quite simply the best live band in the world.

SM: Which piece of music do you think is the ultimate track for motivating a football side?

LC: There’s so many to choose from but the first one that springs to mind is ‘Insomnia‘ by Faithless. It’s a classic tune that still stands the test of time today, and one we used as a runout tune in my first season as stadium announcer.

SM: Do you have an all-time favourite track that you play for Rovers matches?

LC: There’s no favourite track as such but any time I can sneak a bit of AC/DC in is always good. Any tune by the likes of Oasis and The Stone Roses always goes down well with the Gas faithful as well.

SM: What are the main songs you use week in, week out at the ground?

LC: ‘Hey Boy, Hey Girl‘ by The Chemical Brothers has been promoted as our first half entrance music, after spending last season as the second half entrance tune. There’s also ‘Tote End Boys’ by Ben Gunstone, and of course the club anthem ‘Goodnight Irene’, which always plays a part on a matchday.

SM: On a final note, are there any funny mishaps/cock-ups that have taken place that come to mind when you think about your career so far?

LC: There have been a few over the years, but we’ll put the majority of those down to technical faults!



We’d like to say a huge thank you to Lance for taking the time to talk to us. We wish him and all of The Gasheads’ players, staff and supporters the very best for the rest of the 2021/22 season!

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