Matchday DJ Of The Week #2 – George Sephton (Liverpool FC)


Welcome back to ‘Matchday DJ Of The Week’, where each week we interview a matchday DJ from the world of football, asking them 10 serious and not so serious questions. In the spotlight this week we have our first DJ from the English Premier League, and an absolute legend at that. It’s Liverpool Football Club’s very own, George Sephton!

  • Name: George Sephton
  • Occupation: Stadium DJ @ Liverpool FC
  • Club Website: Liverpool FC
  • Division: English Premier League
  • Stadium: Anfield
  • Capacity: 53,394
  • Twitter: George Sephton 

The Interview 

SM: When did you take over as Matchday DJ at Liverpool FC?

GS: August the 14th 1971 to be exact.

SM: How did you initially get into the role?

GS: In April 1971 I was at the game with my wife. The guy on the PA made a bloomer (he was prone to them) and my wife said “It’s all right for you standing down here, I bet you couldn’t do any better!” I rose to the challenge and wrote to the guy in charge, Peter Robinson. As it happened my letter landed on his desk just when they’d decided to get rid of the guy, so they then brought me in for a chat. Then they decided to give me a trial.

SM: Can you remember your first football match/stadium experience?

GS: Yes. End of January 1960. Liverpool v Manchester United in the F.A. Cup. I had to queue up in Stanley Park for hours to get a ticket!

SM: Would you say your first experience of live football and the memories of that day were motivation for taking on the role of stadium DJ?

GS: Absolutely not. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever be anything other than a fan on the terraces.

SM: In all your time at Anfield, who’s the best player you’ve seen wear the famous red shirt?

GS: Kenny (Dalglish) – without doubt. I wouldn’t swap him for anyone.


SM: Who is your favourite artist/band of all time?

GS: The Beatles by quite some distance. I also love (Bob) Dylan’s music and I was (still am) besotted with Helen Reddy. Then Abba.

SM: Which piece of music do you think is the ultimate track for motivating a footballing side?

GS: For Liverpool it’s easy – You’ll Never Walk Alone. The hairs still stand up on the back of my neck even now when it comes on

SM: Do you have an all-time favourite track that you play at Anfield?

GS: Apart from YNWA I suppose it’s “Heart As Big As Liverpool” by Pete Wylie. I had a hand in promoting that when it was released and I’m in the video!

SM: What are the main songs you use week in, week out at the ground?

GS: Apart from the ones I’ve already mentioned, I normally play “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC and “Fields Of Anfield Road” by Justice Collective.  There are one or two other standards but my playlist is an eclectic mix. I get a lot of promotional stuff from you guys as you know. Alongside that I will play something topical. For instance this weekend I’ll be playing a couple of ZZ Top tracks by way of tribute to Dusty Hill.  I sometimes pick up on an old favourite that gets used on a current TV commercial and use it as an excuse to give the tune an airing. I watch “Later With Jools Holland“ religiously and often discover something new from that. Ditto the “Graham Norton Show”.

I get an awful lot of local talent sending me new material and have a reputation for giving them exposure.

SM: On a final note, are there any funny mishaps/cock-ups that have taken place that come to mind when you think about your career so far?

GS: Not many, fortunately, but in 2000 we started announcing the goal scorers. The first match I leaned under my desk in the run up to half time to retrieve a CD. Michael Owen scored, but when I sat up I saw Nicky Barmby being surrounded and gave him the goal!

Other than that, the famous “Arriverderci Roma” business in 2001 caused me a lot of grief, Fabio Cappello still hates me and I can’t go to Italy on holiday!

Also, when we played one of the Edinburgh clubs in the UEFA Cup someone told me they LOVED “Sunshine on Leith”. They DIDN’T! They hated it! It was like playing YNWA at Old Trafford! 


We’d like to say a huge thank you to George for taking the time to talk to us. We wish him and all The Reds’ players, staff and supporters the very best for the 2021/22 season!

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