Matchday DJ Of The Week #7 – Dave Sweetmore (Rochdale A.F.C.)


Welcome back to ‘Matchday DJ Of The Week’, where each week we interview a matchday DJ from the world of football, asking them 10 serious and not so serious questions. In the spotlight this week we have Rochdale’s very own, Dave Sweetmore!


  • Name: Dave Sweetmore
  • Occupation: Stadium DJ @ Rochdale A.F.C
  • Club Website: Rochdale A.F.C
  • Division: EFL League Two
  • Stadium: Spotland Stadium
  • Capacity: 10,000
  • Twitter(s): Rochdale & Dave

The Interview 

SM: When did you take over as Matchday DJ at Rochdale?

DS: October 2001. I’ve been at the Crown Oil Arena for 20 years next month, which is scary as I don’t feel old enough to have been somewhere for so long!

SM: How did you initially get into the role?

DS: A friend of mine was the commentator at Rochdale AFC for a hospital radio station (he is still commentating now and commentates for the club online), and one day he mentioned that the club needed someone and I said I’d be up for it. That following week I was in the job!

SM: Can you remember your first football match/stadium experience?

DS: Not really to be honest! I’d been to a few games with friends, but before starting at Rochdale I was always more into music than football.

SM: Would you say your first experience of live football and the memories of that day were motivation for taking on the role of stadium DJ?

DS: When I took on the role of stadium DJ, I’d already been a professional nightclub DJ for a few years. I think my motivation came from being able to play decent music in a stadium environment. Once I started at The Dale I quickly got the bug, it’s a very addictive club as many people will tell you, and soon my motivation was about getting the club a good reputation for the music we play. I’m an indie DJ so I wanted us to be different from other clubs and lead the way with that kind of music, and importantly support new music. We did this, and still do to this day.

SM: In all your time at Spotland Stadium, who’s the best player you’ve seen wear the famous blue and black stripes?

DS: There’s been so many, I’d have to say Gary Jones though. This isn’t just for his football and the sheer amount of time he was at the club, but also for his leadership, determination, and positivity he always showed.



SM: Who is your favourite artist/band of all time?

DS: I get asked this all the time and it’s an impossible question to answer. I live and breathe music, and always have, so to have just one favourite in a lifetime of music would seem pretty sad. I think I’d struggle picking 100 favourites, there really are so many!

SM: Which piece of music do you think is the ultimate track for motivating a footballing side?

DS: We play Fatboy Slim, ‘Right Here Right Now’ just before our run out record, and that’s a great motivational track. Basically, any decent songs with a cocky attitude will bring great motivation I find!

SM: Do you have an all-time favourite track that you play at Spotland Stadium?

DS: That would have to be The Stone Roses, with ‘This Is The One’ as it’s been our run out record for most of my time at the club. I remember having many conversations about music with Keith Hill, we still do to this day, and as soon as he became manager in 2006 that was one of the things he insisted we kept.

SM: What are the main songs you use week in, week out at the ground?

DS: So, our run out record is The Stone Roses with ‘This Is The One’, our second half run out record is Oasis with ‘The Bushes’, and our goal scoring record is Kasabian‘s track, ‘Fire’.

SM: On a final note, are there any funny mishaps/cock-ups that have taken place that come to mind when you think about your career so far?

DS: There’s been a few! The most reported one was on a Tuesday night, when a steward asked me to read out that a car had left its lights on in the car park. After reading it out, it turned out to be our player Callum Camps who was on the pitch halfway through the game! Bewildered, he ran over to the bench and asked one of the backroom staff to turn them off. That was one of many, but it actually made national news! 



We’d like to say a huge thank you to Dave for taking the time to talk to us. We wish him and all of the Dale’s players, staff and supporters the very best for the 2021/22 season!

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