Maxïmo Park unveil new album details alongside ‘Baby, Sleep’ single


Maxïmo Park have announced details of their forthcoming new album “Nature Always Wins”, along with news of a headline UK tour and the album’s first single ‘Baby, Sleep’.

‘Baby, Sleep’ is a world of pop energy, driven by the inimitable guitar of Duncan Lloyd and the deft turns of phrase that can only come from Paul Smith.

When discussing how happy they were to be able to create this album during lockdown, frontman Paul said, “Baby, Sleep is a light-hearted look at the surreal nature of sleep-deprivation, and the way it distorts normality in a capitalist society.”

Listen to ‘Baby, Sleep’ by Maxïmo Park on the Official F1 Tracks playlist on Spotify.

The news follows last month’s surprise new track ‘Child Of The Flatlands’, a majestic,
psychedelic slow-burner that cast a lovelorn look toward the meaning of place and its impact on identity.

“Nature Always Wins” – set for release on Feb 26 2020 – arrives as something of an examination, zeroing in on the notion of the self, identity as a band, and that of humanity as a whole. The album’s title nods to the famous Nature vs Nurture debate, discussing whether change is capable under the influence of time, perspective, environment or if we are destined to be bound by our own genetics, it asks, “who are we, who do we want to be, and do we have any control over it?”.

Refining their approach as a three-piece, writing began last summer with Smith, Lloyd and
Tom English seeking a different kind of fourth member – a producer who was also a musician.

Fitting the bill came Atlanta-based Grammy-winning producer Ben Allen (Animal Collective,
Deerhunter) who afforded the band freedom to play and create. What wasn’t anticipated was how that freedom would be soon be stripped, as Lockdown restrictions left the band making the most of technological advances to perform real-time recording sessions across the ocean – themselves in Newcastle and Liverpool, with Allen at the helm in Atlanta.

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