Paul Weller has released a sublime new single entitled ‘Movin On’ from his eagerly awaited forthcoming album ‘True Meanings’.
The lush, string-laden ‘Movin On’ is out now and showcases Paul’s vocals at their very best.
The track came about as the result of a “scratchy demo” on Paul’s phone that was sent to Tom Doyle of the White Label project, who co-wrote the track with Paul and fellow White Label cohort Anth Brown (who also contributes bass to the track). You can listen to the brand new track as part of Shoot Music’s New Releases playlist on Spotify.

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Talking about this process, Paul explains: “I’m never, ever too proud to give a song over to someone else, to see what they might be able to bring to it: that’s what it’s about really, I always want to see what people can add to my ideas. The older you get, and the more stuff you’ve done, the more important that is.”
‘True Meanings’, the fourteenth Paul Weller solo album, the twenty sixth studio album of his entire career, is released on September 14th.