Mystery Jets pay tribute to the NHS on new single ‘Hospital Radio’


Indie group Mystery Jets have shared their latest single ‘Hospital Radio’.

The track is an ode to the NHS and the staff that have helped lead singer Blaine Harrison, who has spent a large portion of his life relying on local hospitals due to having Spina Bifida.

In the month of the NHS’ 71st anniversary, the band are heading out this week to some local London NHS hospitals to play ‘Hospital Radio’ live on air.

Listen to ‘Hospital Radio’ by Mystery Jets on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

Blaine explains, “I was born in the NHS and it has saved my life several times over. I spent so much time on wards growing up that they became a second home to me and inspired the first song I wrote.

“Over the years, I have come to see NHS nurses and doctors as our guardian angels, beautifully portrayed at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

“But austerity measures over recent years have meant that the spectre of privatisation has become a very real, and threatening prospect.

“Whilst in hospital last month for ongoing leg surgery, I lay in bed watching President Trump’s televised address to the British media, in which he boasted that NHS contracts would be part of future trade deals. It gave me the chills, as it must have done to many others. I felt especially fearful of what the future might hold for the elderly people in the beds around me, many of whom are already in danger of falling through the cracks of the social care system.

“Sometimes music can reach places deep within us that can’t be reached by words alone. On this, the 71st anniversary of the creation of the National Health Service, it feels right to release this song to express our gratitude.”

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