The Mysterious NEIKED Wants You To ‘Call Me’


New to Sport Playlists this week is ‘Call me’ by NEIKED, a gliding summer anthem featuring a mesmerising vocal from Swedish singer Mimi, another artist plucked from obscurity by NEIKED. Listen to the new single now on the Shoot New Release Playlist!

There many people who believe they have met the person at the heart of the Swedish pop collective NEIKED, but his/her true identity still remains an enigmatic secret. NEIKED is the electro-pop sensation of the year, with music that has been streamed over 250 million times, therefore ramping up the mystery and intrigue. Is NEIKED a collective? An abstract artform with a fine line in knockout pop songs? A movement?

The smoke and mirrors of the hype machine are only part of the tale. NEIKED is both no-one and everyone. It’s a creative hub of singers, songwriters, musicians, painters and artists. At the centre of it all is a producer in his mid-20s who suffers from social difficulties, ruling out any public engagements.

This bright young pop talent has had to create new ways for his music to connect. He makes music that is universal whilst he’s invisible, a man both at the centre of the world and removed from it. As well as being a songwriter and producer with an unerring sense of what pop music in 2017 should be about, he is out there searching for bold new unknown talent.

NEIKED isn’t about the same old guest singers and the comfort of familiarity, this about the excitement of being on the frontline, pushing things forward and uncovering the talents of tomorrow. So it was with ‘Sexual’, which featured the captivating vocal talents of 25-year-London Dyo and that approach continues with exhilarating new single ‘Call Me’.

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