Nocturnal Sunshine shares pair of singles from ‘Full Circle’ record


Maya Jane Coles shares ‘Dash (feat. CHA$EY JONE£S)’ and ‘Closed Eyes’, taken from her shadowy alter-ego, Nocturnal Sunshine’s latest album.

The release of the tracks comes fresh from the successful debut of ‘Pull Up’ feat. Gangsta Boo and Young M.A, taken from new studio album project Full Circle.

‘Dash’ and ‘Closed Eyes’ are two songs that present the breadth of the Nocturnal Sunshine vision to date. With a packed collection of collaborations across the Full Circle album, both singles bring on board two rising names, deeply involved and connected with the sonics of Coles’ vision – CHA$EY JON£S and Thomas Knights.

Listen to ‘Dash (feat. CHA$EY JONE£S)’ by Nocturnal Sunshine on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

The relationship of CHA$EY JON£S and Coles is built upon a fifteen-year period of trust and creative freedom, that began somewhat closer to home.

Pushing his dynamic and challenging brand of rap, the attitude of CHA$EY flows freely across the grime-geared production of Maya on ‘Dash’.

Not dissimilar to CHA$EY’s ties to the roots of Coles, vocalist and creative Thomas Knights has been involved with much more than the musical axis on which Maya’s world spins. A photographer, film-maker and musician, Knights provided vocals on Maya’s 2013 studio album ‘Comfort’, alongside contributing to the visual aspects of Maya’s creative domain.

Appearing this time alongside Nocturnal Sunshine on the powerful ‘Closed Eyes’, the soulful tones of Knights’ vocals glide effortlessly through Nocturnal Sunshine’s down-tempo, cinematic cosmos.

Moving seamlessly through an expanse of feelings and tempos, Nocturnal Sunshine maintains a distinct balancing act of frenzy and otherworldliness, synonymous with her sound. Working alongside an array of artists, the Full Circle LP sees the world of Nocturnal Sunshine unlocked in new and riveting ways.

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