Parisian duo Ofenbach drop ‘Rock It’ from self-titled debut EP


Ofenbach have released their brand new track ‘Rock It’ as part of their new eponymous EP, out now.

According to the duo, “This track is for us a direct follow-up to ‘Be Mine’ with its upright bass. It’s a crossover between rock and dance, between organic and electronic. Our will was to have the energy of a club-oriented track while keeping the soul of rock music.

“We actually created it the way we used to do when we were 13 in César’s basement, with Dorian doing the lead vocals and guitar parts and César doing back vocals and keyboard”

Listen to ‘Rock It’ by Ofenbach on the Official Fantasy Premier League Playlist on Spotify.

575 Million streams & 260 Million YouTube views in about two years sums up the incredible story of the Electro-Rock Parisian duo of Dorian Lo and César de Rummel, aka Ofenbach. They are very much a part of the growing deep house trend, but electro is not all they do with a sound that features rock and folk influences too.

This certainly comes through in their breakthrough single ‘Be Mine’ which topped the world’s charts with more than 300 million streams and their follow-up single ‘Katchi’ which charted at #1 on the Shazam Dance Worldwide chart for 14 consecutive weeks.

After touring the world non-stop for two years, they now reveal a self-titled mini-album project including their three hits ‘Be Mine’, ‘Katchi’ and ‘Paradise’ alongside five brand new ones featuring collabs with Portugal. The Man and The Bamboos.

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