Genre-blending Offworld share ‘I Found Out’ & ‘Brave To Be Alive’ singles


Offworld, the new musical output from Hard-FI’s Richard Archer among others, have shared two of their latest releases ‘I Found Out’ and ‘Brave To Be Alive’.

The group are rounded out by a host of acclaimed musicians; Krysten Cummings, Wolsey White, Smiley Barnard and Dale Davis.

Speaking about the inspiration behind most recent release ‘I Found Out’, Archer says “We originally conceived and wrote ‘I Found Out’ after the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson and the subsequent protests sparking the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Listen to ‘I Found Out’ by Offorld on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

Richard continues, “The track features dialogue from emergency service radio heard during the confusion of the following days. I recall Krysten improvising the chorus and what you hear is her first, improvised take – pouring out anger and frustration.”

Krysten adds “These lyrics were written five years ago but sadly mirror what is happening today – ‘Struggling To Breathe In St Louis’. We didn’t conceive ‘I Found Out’ as a ‘single’ – it is over seven minutes long and we don’t really see it as such, we just felt strongly that it should be available at this time.”

OffWorld began jamming old gospel, soul and funk numbers in Archer’s West London studio. Working in breaks between schedules, the debut album Burnt Out Star slowly coalesced. Influenced by soul, blues, gospel, funk, jazz and rock. No limits or constraints were imposed.

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