London Punk/Grime trio PENGSHUi drop ‘Wiseman’ featuring Footise


London based PENGSHUi, who blend Grime with heavy influences including Punk and Metal, have drop their monster of a track ‘Wiseman’ featuring Grime legend Footsie.

The trio of Illaman (vocals), Fatty (bassist) and Prav (drums) have also announced the release of their debut self titled album on February 21 through respected indie label MVKA.

The album, which was recorded over the last year, features 12 tracks of the bands infectious grime sound and was recorded at various studios across London and all mixed by dubstep/grime producers Ruckspin and Alex Gowers.

Listen to ‘Wiseman (feat. Footsie)’ by PENGSHUi on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

On their debut record, Illaman says “This album is forged from a love of heavy music, heavy basslines and heavy energy.

“We came together to do this because all three of us have missed and wanted to create and perform songs like this for a long time. 12 tracks that we feel, are bangers, that have that banger energy and make people want to go nuts and skank out.

“All our influences and vibes thrown into a big pot, stirred with a big spoon and thrown into a bowl. Get stuck in as we’re just getting started. Please enjoy loudly.”

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