Player Playlists: Bradford City defender Matt Kilgallon


Ever wondered what tracks footballers are listening to as they prepare for a big match?

Well, Sport Playlists is on a mission to find out as we get professionals to select their very own training playlist. 

This time it’s the turn of Bradford City and former Premier League defender, Matt Kilgallon.

The 34-year-old played 95 times for Leeds United before moving to the Blades in 2006, where he picked up the club’s Player of the Year Award in 2009.

He then moved on to Sunderland, Blackburn Rovers and now League One side Bradford City, where he was again recently named the Bantams’ 2017/18 Player of the Season.

Away from the field of play, Matt is a keen music fan and has unveiled some of the tracks that he likes to prepare to on a matchday.

Kicking off with the classic ‘Maggie May’ by Rod Stewart and ending with Otis Redding’s brilliant ‘(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay’, Matt’s playlist covers a whole host of genres and decades.

Sitting alongside these household numbers are tracks from artists such as P!ink, Usher, Michael Jackson, 2 Pac, Westlife, Craig David and more.

Matt spoke to Sport Playlists about his music tastes…

Does your playlist highlight the variety in your music taste?

Yeah, I like any type of song. If it’s got a good beat or I like the lyrics then I will tend to like and listen to it.

Do the songs relate to moments in your football career?

Westlife’s ‘Flying Without Wings’ was from when I was at Leeds. In around 2001, I lived at the hostel on the training ground when I was younger and most of the lads there were Irish. This meant every night or every morning all you could hear was Westlife. They were massive at that time so that track just takes me back to those times.”

What about the leading track, ‘Maggie May’ by Rod Stewart?

My dad used to play that one in the car while we were going to games around Yorkshire. The other tracks on there have just been feel-good ones played in the dressing room during my time as a player, or sings that keep me going during the off-season.

First record you bought?

Although I tend to stream more now, I remember the first record I bought was Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ on tape, while the first CD I got for my car was by Usher.

Are you a gig-goer?

Yeah, I’ve been to many before. I’ve seen 50 Cent, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Mumford & Sons, but the best I’ve probably went to was P!nk. Her voice was fantastic but there was also a lot of circus acts happening on stage which made it more than just a normal gig. I also just like watching live acts in a local pub. A Sunday session with a live band on doesn’t get much better.

Do you have a Bradford City dressing room playlist?

Usually Adam Chicksen or Tony McMahon plug their phone in. They were the two at the start of the season who dared to share what they had. It’s usually a DJ RUSSKE mix playing which some are to my taste but others are a bit ‘hip’ for me.

Does the manager ever step up to dressing room DJ?

[Stuart] McCall used to put a few songs on while we were out warming up when he was here. I remember him playing Rod Stewart and The Four Seasons’ ‘December, 1963’.

Have you ever played an instrument or been in a band?

I used to play the piano when I was younger. I liked having a tinkle on the old ivories and got to an alright level that I can still read the music and play it now but I’m very rusty. I’ve played in front of team-mates on nights out or before games. I wish I’d stayed at it longer because I enjoy it but maybe I’ll put more time into it when I retire. It’s harder to learn when you get older but I can read the music so it’ll just be about getting my fingers in the right position.

If you were in a band which current or former teammate would you like to play alongside?

Maybe I’d go solo! If I were in a band then I’d have Gary Kelly from Leeds in there to get the place really rocking. Chris Morgan from Sheffield United could play the drums aggressively plus we’d be alright if there was any trouble. Stéphane Sessègnon from Sunderland could sing and just bring a bit of coolness to the group. Then I’d have McMahon from Bradford – he could probably lead vocal.

Anything in music you’d like to explore more?

I’d love to go to a festival because I’ve never had the chance to go to one. They usually get going just as soon as I’m going back to pre-season. I’ve always looked and talked about going to the big festivals – somewhere like V or Leeds – but I’ll get that chance when I retire?

Track that sums up Bradford’s season?

I’d probably say Oasis’ ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’. We had a decent start followed by a bad patch but now we’ve found a bit of form and need to look ahead positively to next season rather than back.


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