The Proclaimers return with ‘Angry Cyclist’ ahead of new album


On August 10, Cooking Vinyl will release The Proclaimers’ first album since 2015’s ‘Let’s Hear It For The Dogs‘.

Angry Cyclist‘ finds The Proclaimers at the peak of their songwriting prowess.

Instantly catchy hooks and melodies, gorgeous close harmonies, moving, as well as clever and subtle, biting lyrics, great arrangements and fantastic production (produced by Dave Eringa), all on a perfectly sequenced album.

The album opens with the title track (also the first single). Strings soundtrack a song full of Craig and Charlie Reid’s unique and impassions vocals and a lyrical metaphor about the reactionary and bigoted times we live in.

Their sharp, coruscating and dry observations continue on songs such as Looted‘, a song about the theft of the British Empire, and ‘Classy‘, which takes a wry look at the ludicrous strata of the British class system.

Listen to The Proclaimers‘ ‘Angry Cyclist‘ on Shoot Music’s New Releases Playlist.

Elsewhere on the album, Charlie and Craig Reid are at their romantic and anthemic best, particularly on songs such as ‘Streets Of Edinburgh‘, an incredibly moving paean to their hometown city.

The song is destined to become a classic in their incredible canon. Other joyful moments come courtesy of ‘You Make Me Happy and ‘Sometimes It’s The Fools‘.

The Proclaimers have always been politically and socially aware artists. On many of ‘Angry Cyclist‘ songs they further skewer the hypocrisy and inequities that they see around them.

What is remarkable about their writing is, after 30 years, it would be so easy for them to be cynical, but ‘Angry Cyclist is incredibly positive, hopeful and optimistic: a life-affirming listen.

Its vitality and passion easily puts many artists half their age, or younger, in the shade.

Strikingly individual, twin brothers Craig and Charlie Reid emerged 31 years ago with their debut album ‘This Is The Story‘ and Top 3 single ‘Letter from America‘.

Since then their enduring appeal across generations has have over the years seen them enjoy huge success across the globe.

The Proclaimers songs are timeless, capturing a gamut of human emotions, written with poignancy, emotional honesty, political fire and wit.

Their songs feature at weddings, funerals and everything in-between and there is one song, an early celebration of falling head over heels in love that is known the world over and has become a staggering global anthem.

There are many others that have gained great popularity in different parts of the planet and then there is a wide cross section of sublime songs embraced by a multitude that has kept up with The Proclaimers studio albums, compilation collections and extensive touring over three decades.

They have even inspired a musical, the play and film Sunshine on Leith. The movie was the fifth highest grossing Independent UK film of 2013.

The musical has its fourth UK run from April to June this year, with its biggest production to date by West Yorkshire Playhouse.

The show has had fantastic audience and critical acclaim and now seems destined to head to London’s West End in 2019.

The Proclaimers’ Angry Cyclist will be available on CD, LP, digital download and streaming services.