Prophets Of Rage Aim To ‘Unfuck The World’


Prophets of Rage have unleashed their track, ‘Unfuck The World’, available now on our Spotify Shoot Music – New Releases Playlist.  

With a video directed by the award-winning Michael Moore, the politically charged track is the second on the band’s forthcoming self-titled, debut album – released September 15th 2017.

The rap-rock supergroup made up of former Tom MorelloTim Commerford, Brad Wilk (Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave), Chuck D, B-Real (Public Enemy) and DJ Lord (Cypress Hill) came together during 2016’s tumultuous election to combat the coming storm, wherever it may lead.

Fresh off the road and riled up following last summer’s highly successful MAKE AMERICA RAGE AGAIN tour, the group knew it could evolve from protest performance art with a tactical mission, to a stand-alone entity with creative ideas all its own.

Eighteen months on from the formation of Prophets Of Rage, Brad Wilk says: “When we first got together, we were playing songs from our catalogue, but we were also playing new grooves, with everyone improvising. And that felt really good. Soon there was a language that all of us speak.”

Tim Commerford adds: “We went on tour and got good as a band.

“We’re making music in the way that bands made music back in the day.”

At its core are functions not only on a love of music, but a deep belief in its power as a tool, and a weapon. “There were rhythms before there were words,” Morello observes.

“Music has both the ability to reflect and transform the times. There’s a long history of that, from slave spirituals, to ‘We Shall Overcome,’ to the Sex Pistols.”

Woven into the band’s DNA are influences as varied as The Clash, KRS-One and Johnny Cash, as well as the undeniable ideals and aesthetics of its predecessors: Public Enemy’s frenzied, racing textures, Rage’s jaw-melting riffs, Cypress Hill’s manically playful party energy.

“The music is the passport to the world,” Chuck D says, describing the unique bond the group shares. “It’s not always a given to have members who want to go where few have gone.” As the band states clearly at the end of the thought provoking and compelling new video, “The world’s not going to change itself, that’s up to you.”

Prophets Of Rage will take their message of activism and grass-roots change across the world this year with dates internationally – most notably Download Festival at Donington Park (June 9th) and O2 Academy Brixton in London (June 13th).

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Prophets of Rage:

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