Rak-Su get ‘Into It’ on latest single from four-track EP


X-Factor winners Rak-Su are back with their brand new single ‘Into It’, part of their new four track EP Rome, out now.

Rome takes the boys firmly back to their signature sound and what they do best – pop infused with reggaeton, rap and R&B.

‘Into It’ delivers a throwback sound reminiscent of what their fan base fell in love with.

Listen to ‘Into It’ by Rak-Su on the Official Fantasy Premier League Playlist on Spotify.

As well as drawing on their own musical tastes, the EP also reflects their individual life experiences. For Jamaal, of growing up singing gospel in church in Barbados, where he lived until the age of 14; for Mustafa, of a lifetime spent winning beatboxing contests; for rappers Ashley and Myles, of the grime and trap they made together in their mid-teens

Rak-Su said, “People don’t realise that before X Factor we were together as a band making music we loved & were inspired by.

“This EP allowed us to show some of the other sides to us. You get R&B, electronic and Afro-Caribbean Rak-Su, as well as fun, emotional, honest, party Rak-Su. We feel it’s a well-rounded snap shot into who we are both musically and as people.”

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