The Ramona Flowers share ‘Out Of Focus’ from upcoming ‘Strangers’


The Ramona Flowers release ‘Out Of Focus’, the latest single from their forthcoming album ‘Strangers’, released May 18 on Distiller Records.

Produced by Chris Zane (Bat For Lashes, Friendly Fires, Passion Pit), ‘Out Of Focus’ highlights the synth-heavy, ’80s infused direction of ‘Strangers’. Its triumphant, melodic hook, intricate production and affectional lyrics come together to create a poignant sense of nostalgia which resonates throughout the album.

A standout from the 11-track collection, ‘Out Of Focus’ is a testament to The Ramona Flowers’ uncanny ability to perfectly mesh rock and electronica with addictive, radio-ready hooks.

The follow-up to their first two albums – 2014’s ‘Dismantle & Rebuild’ and 2016’s ‘Part Time Spies’ – ‘Strangers’ is the sound of a band who have refined their craft through years of experience, experimenting with a breadth of styles to fully excavate their potential and discover exactly who they want to be.

The Ramona Flowers (Steve Bird, Dave Betts, Ed Gallimore, Sam James and Wayne Jones) formed almost by chance in Bristol. Taking inspiration from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the band chose to name themselves after the female lead, Ramona Flowers.


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