Nigerian musician Rema drops new single ‘Ginger Me’


Rema, recently crowned Apple Music’s Up Next ​artist – an award previously given to ​Billie Eilish, Khalid & H.E.R – ​drops his new single ‘Ginger Me’.

Hailing from the legendary Benin City, the 20-year-old prodigy continues to live up to the hype with his innate ability to meld genres and cultures.

With co-signs from the likes of Drake, Barack Obama and now Rihanna, the Nigerian singer and rapper is on his way for a global takeover. Earlier this year, by chance ​Rema ​& UK producer ​The Elements, ​bumped into each other outside a night club in London.

Listen to ‘Ginger Me’ by Rema on the Shoot Music New Releases Playlist on Spotify.

Their immediate rapport took them on a late-night studio session also accompanied by superproducer, ​Steel Banglez where ‘​Ginger Me​’ was made in a number of hours.

Crediting his parents for introducing him to Fela Kuti ​& ​2Face, ​Rema draws influences far beyond West Africa with Bollywood, Trap, Afrobeats, and Pop all becoming part of his trademark sound.

Paving the way for his generation, Rema’s trademark “;Another Banga” and his bad commando teddy bear are just a few things that have become synonymous with this trailblazing identity.

Having recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of his breakthrough viral hit ‘Dumebi’, his early career highlights including winning ‘next rated superstar’ at the 2019 Headies Awards, appearing in Barack Obama’s playlist, as well as gracing the covers of Fader and Dazed & Confused.

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