Róisín Murphy releases disco and string tinged track ‘Narcissus’


Róisín Murphy shares her hard-driven, string-drenched, disco epic single ‘Narcissus’.

It comes hot on the heels of the slow burning dancefloor smash ‘Incapable’, which spent this summer burning up clubs from one end of the globe to the other.

Both tracks are co-produced/written with long-time Murphy collaborator, DJ Parrot aka Crooked Man, and continue to showcase the fruits of their on going creative pairing, a collaborative friendship which has sustained over decades.

Listen to ‘Narcissus’ by Róisín Murphy on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

“My association with Parrot goes way back to the beginning of my life in music. I moved from Manchester to Sheffield when I was 19 and right from the off I became part of a close-knit music-scene of which Parrot was an integral part,” says Murphy.

“I worked with him first on a project called ‘Spook’, a deep house cover-version of Grace Jones ‘s Feel-Up and later with Pulp, on a version of ‘E’s and Wizz’. And then again with All Seeing Eye and Tony Christy”

The exquisite string arrangement by Eddie Stevens is an evocation of a time where disco reigned supreme. It’s elegant, yet the driving melodies are infused with an irresistible strut, and Murphy’s vocals alternately soulful and powerful.

The result is one of Murphy’s finest cuts to date – an effortlessly sophisticated and infectious banger which is still streaked through with Murphy’s unmistakeable sense of style and mischief.

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