Saint Kochi intrudes himself by sharing visual for debut single ‘Home’


Saint Kochi – named after the city in India’s coastal Kerala state where his family are from – today introduces himself with his debut single ‘Home’.

The track came together in his basement studio in London during lockdown with producer, Superfood’s Dom Ganderton. Saint Kochi also shares the first visual for his artist project. Shot on Super 8 film, the cinematic video was directed by friend and collaborator Sam Hiscox.

“I really wanted to write something that made me feel like I was part of that whole thing, living in one of those treehouses in Laurel Canyon back then.” says Saint Kochi, “Lyrically I think it was really reflective of so much time spent at home during the whole lockdown period and thinking about what that space means to you – or how other factors in your life can impact how you feel about something that potentially should be a really safe place.”

Listen to ‘Home’ by Saint Kochi on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

‘Home’’s energy is inspired by 70’s Americana bands like Fleetwood Mac, Crosby, Stills & Nash and The Eagles and the period of transition from folk to rock that saw these groups’ creative blurring of lines between making music and living together.

Written, recorded and produced in his studio, Saint Kochi enlists his own kind of creative community to create his uniquely meandering lo-fi indie which lets rip into fuzzy distorted guitar lines.

Of creating the video for ‘Home’, director Sam Hiscox adds “For the Saint Kochi ‘Home’ video I wanted to make a metaphorical visual that complemented the track which felt like an escapist runaway scenario. Inspired by the ending of True Romance the piece is focused on actor Boni Mata who is running into the unknown and towards a new freedom.”

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