SAINT PHNX showcase their brand of alt-pop on new single ‘Scream’


Scottish alternative pop duo SAINT PHNX, consisting of brothers Stevie and Al Jukes, have released their new single ‘Scream’.

Commenting on the single and upcoming tour, Stevie says “Our record will be split up into light and dark songs, which represents who we are as a band.

“After releasing ‘Sorry’ not that long ago which was about letting go of someone in the nicest way possible, ‘Scream’ is basically the opposite of that, it’s the darkest of them all. It’s basically letting go of your inner demons and being unapologetic with it – sparking an innate chilling human reaction from a situation and not keeping it all inside.”

Listen to ‘Scream’ by SAINT PHNX on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

‘Scream’ is an unapologetic song and something fresh from SAINT PHNX. Stevie continues: “More than anything, it’s a banger. It’s the riff of the century and the perfect way to introduce our live sound on record ahead of our headline shows next year.”

The duo combine big hooks and classical guitar riffs with electronic beats and hip-hop influences.

The band has drawn comparisons with Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons and Bastille, but with varied tracks released ahead of their debut album it’s clear the band are carving out their own lane.

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