Sam Fender makes observations about helplessness on ‘Hypersonic Missiles’


Sam Fender share his first new music of 2019 with the release of his latest single ‘Hypersonic Missiles’.

A frenetic 2018 has quickly doubled pace this year for Tyneside’s new favourite son. With the BRITs Critics’ Choice award in hand, and the finishing touches being made to a debut album recorded up in his own warehouse studio alongside the River Tyne, Sam ups the stakes once more with the sky-scraping ‘Hypersonic Missiles’.

It’s a song that steers close to his impassioned observations about the state of the world around us, commenting on apathy in the face of self-destruction.

Listen to ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ by Sam Fender on the Official Fantasy Premier League Playlist on Spotify.

Whilst we all see the frightening daily political mismanagement being played out across the globe, most of us remain helpless and confused to our own plight, watching quietly for what comes next. It’s a message assuredly delivered with Sam’s colossal rasp, and typically wrapped in melody atop of melody. A big voice, and a huge next step for the 24-year-old from North Shields.

Sam explain: “This song started out when I saw the term ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ in a newspaper. It’s a newly developed Russian missile that travels at something like nine times the speed of sound, which is essentially unstoppable.

“America currently has no defence against such a weapon, they would be helpless in the wake of an attack, as you have roughly six minutes from the time it is launched to the time it strikes.

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