Sea Power share ‘Folly’ as latest single from ‘Everything Was Forever’


The newly minted Sea Power have shared Folly’, the latest single to be released from their forthcoming new album Everything Was Forever.

‘Folly’ arrives on the heels of lead single ‘Two Fingers’, a song that heralded a new era for the band as they said goodbye to the word “British” from their name. It was a move that drew a predictable response from certain quarters of the media – making headlines globally across TV, radio and press – but it was the strength of the band’s first new music in five years that made the loudest noise, as ‘Two Fingers’ immediately jumped onto the BBC 6 Music A-list.

Where ‘Two Fingers’ took in mortality, defiance, HP Lovecraft and V signs, ‘Folly’ sings up a meandering humanity – a sleepwalking world of procrastinators with our eyes on the short-term.

Listen to ‘Folly’ by Sea Power on the Official F1 Tracks Playlist on Spotify.

Guitarist Martin Noble expands, “Folly is in the tradition of singalong Sea Power apocalyptic anthems – everyone ambling down the road to a multitude of catastrophes. Party on!

“You might find yourself standing up on the South Downs, up on the fells or the dales, looking down at the world, a world where we seem to avoid the decisions and changes to stop the rot. It’s all folly, but in this case set to some pretty life-affirming music – good stuff underpinning the donut vibes and maybe making you think it’s not all over, not quite, not yet.”

Neil Hamilton Wilkinson continues: “I was thinking of things like greedy overlords playing fart games on the lawns of their great dominions, the enclosure of common lands, bodies, minds, the fantastical gusto of doom and frivolity that feeds the world, me included. I was feeling all on edge, paranoid like the old vampire in Nosferatu when I got into this song.”

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