Self Esteem shares ‘In Time’ single from debut record ‘Compliments Please’


Self Esteem today shares ‘In Time’, the latest single to be taken from her critically acclaimed debut album, Compliments Please.

On the inspiration behind the song and the video, Rebecca Lucy Taylor says: “This song was the last I had written for the album. I thought I was spent and then suddenly from nowhere this came.

“When it came to making the video all I could think to do was shoot me dancing through my home town. Every time I am under the wave badly I come home, sleep in my childhood bed, power walk over the pit top listening to Katy Perry.”

Listen to ‘In Time’ by Self Esteem on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

Rebecca continues, “This system has literally saved my life at times and my poor parents can’t move anywhere else more exotic because what on earth would I do, right?!

“I wanted to nod to the ending of Fleabag as an Easter egg to my fellow mess ups who felt so deeply and intensely SEEN by that show. Life is a slog but you can manage – it’s okay, you’ll be fine, step right left baby in time! (And have 8 insane dancers to play with).”

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