Self Esteem channels her experience of a break-up into ‘Rollout’ single


Self Esteem is Rebecca Lucy Taylor, and ‘Rollout’ is her third single following ‘Wrestling’, released earlier this summer, and last year’s critically acclaimed debut ‘Your Wife’.

For a long time Rebecca was dividing her attention, working on painting and prints, and video, as Self Esteem, whilst the day job was writing and performing as one half of Slow Club, but now the music and the day job is Self Esteem too, and Rebecca is revelling in it.

Witty, intelligent, extrovert and piercingly insightful, Rebecca no longer has to worry about anybody else’s opinion or treading on any toes, and can be wholly, wonderfully herself.

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“In my last relationship I used to joke that I couldn’t write about her because we never had any problems,” she explains of ‘Rollout’, produced by Johan Hugo (M.I.A., Miguel, Santigold, The Very Best) and recorded in her adopted home of Margate. “We never argued. I used to say, ‘Can you treat me a bit more badly please, so I can write some more songs?’ And it was a joke, but it was true.

“And then one day she just left, and I was, like, ‘S***.’ But then I was also so happy in a really sadistic way because I had something to write about.

“I just went straight in and had this idea for ‘Rollout’. It’s a very simple bloody break up song. It’s about how I was in panto and people kept sending me flowers, and I kept thinking they would be from her, and they never were from her.

“It was just a room full of flowers. And what is a room full of flowers if the flowers aren’t from who you want them to be from?”

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