Shoot Music’s Stadium Music Chart – 03/09/21


We’re back with our weekly Stadium Music Chart, representing the most popular new releases playing out across the nation’s Football Grounds and Sport Stadiums, compiled using official Shoot Music DJ download data. 

We’re already halfway through the first international break of the year, and while it’s not everyone’s favourite part of the football season there’ve been some brilliant matches so far. Without a doubt the most exciting moment coming from a certain Cristiano Ronaldo, who grabbed two late headers against the Republic of Ireland on Wednesday night to seal a 2-1 victory. I think I speak for everybody when I say I cannot wait to see him back in the Premier League!

In terms of music, international downloads have kept things flowing nicely while most club DJs have been out of the office. We also see a number of tracks make way for new material this week, after exceeding their 2 months in the chart. These veteran tracks of the chart will be given a special mention later in the article… enjoy!


  1. (15) THE SHERLOCKS – City Lights (2 Weeks)
  2. (1) ELTON JOHN x DUA LIPA – Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) (3 Weeks)
  3. (4) BLOSSOMS – Care For (3 Weeks)
  4. (10) THE VACCINES – Alone Star (4 Week)
  5. (6) DAVEClash (feat. Stormzy) (6 Weeks)
  6. (RE) SAM FENDERSeventeen Going Under (1 Week)
  7. (19) JACK SAVORETTISecret Life (2 Weeks)
  8. (3) JUNGLE – Keep Moving – Loving In Stereo (Album) (3 Weeks)
  9. (7) ALUNA – Summer of Love (3 Weeks)
  10. (8) SWITCH DISCOEverything (6 Weeks)
  11. (NE) NEW HYPELove Again (1 Week)
  12. (NE) YUNGBLUDfleabag (1 Week)
  13. (11) NOEL GALLAGHER’S HIGH FLYING BIRDSFlying on the Ground (8 Weeks)
  14. (13) DISCLOSUREAnother Level (2 Weeks)
  15. (14) SIGALA X RITA ORAYou For Me (5 Weeks) 
  16. (NE) DERMOT KENNEDYBetter Days (1 Week)
  17. (17) SELF ESTEEMPrioritise Pleasure (4 Weeks)
  18. (NE) JOEL CORRY X JAX JONESOut Out (1 Week)
  19. (NE) DISCLOSURESeduction (1 Week)
  20. (NE) DMA’SWe Are Midnight – (from latest EP) (1 Week)

Top Four 

Despite spending just one week in the chart, the Crook brothers & co (forming The Sherlocks) have claimed the highest number of downloads with new single ‘City Lights’, and have made themselves at home in pole position.

Older brother Kiaran told us, “This record was all about timing, it would have been impossible to make it at any other time than this. Everything felt like it happened for a reason and I genuinely believe we made our best album to date. In years from now I think we’ll look back on this release as the one where it all changed and took us to the next level…”. Not only have The Sherlocks claimed the highest downloads this week, they also have the most weekly downloads since this charts inception! While ‘City Lights’ has been successful among English clubs, they have a number of Scottish sides to thank for this, notably Celtic, Hearts & Peterhead FC, among others.

Listen to the full Top 20 Stadium Music Chart through our Spotify Stadium Chart Playlist:


Due to our 2 month cut-off rule for each tracks’ chart life, a number of releases have left the chart this week after some impressive stints since pre-season. We give special shout outs to Ed Sheeran, Celeste (MK Remix), James Arthur, Nathan Evans & Sigrid. We have no doubt these talents will re-appear at some point down the line.

These exits have seen an array of new entries join this week. At mid-table you can see two of these in the form of New Hype‘s ‘Love Again‘, and YUNGBLUD‘s ‘fleabag‘. ‘Fleabag‘ is the newer of the two having just hit the digital shelves last week. The Doncaster-born singer explained how he wrote this number during a dark period of his life, when people had an expectation of who he should be. He says it’s “a kick back. A kick back against the world, a kick back against my friends, against my family and some of my fanbase. I am who I am, all I want to do is spread love and lead with my heart. I’ve always told people to be themselves, sometimes I have to remember that message myself.”

This one sounds like an energetic, modern twist on Wheatus‘ ‘Teenage Dirtbag‘, and has been popular among DJs working at both club level & international level, with both Liverpool & the German National Side using it to hype themselves up pre-kick off!

Best Of The Rest

Among the lower spots, Self Esteem remains consistent at 17th with her banger ‘Prioritise Pleasure’, which enters its 4th week in the chart.

The 3 spots below her are occupied by 3 other newcomers. Disclosure introduce ‘Seduction’, a 2nd track from their recent 5-track EP, while DMA’S brand new EP has also been in favour among stadium DJs. A short, sharp joyride of a record, ‘I Love You Unconditionally, Sure Am Going To Miss You’ represents a tribute to DMA’S’ long-term hardcore fans as well as to the love of rock music that still powers the band’s beating heart. It’s a reminder of where they came from and how far they’ve come. Regardless of how big they get, they’ll always be the same band that used to throw a mattress against the wall to record demos in guitarist, Johnny Took’s flat. Wigan Athletic & Braintree Town are just two of a number of clubs who will be supporting this number throughout the weeks to come.

Other Notable Entrees


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CHART T&C’S: This chart is compiled using Shoot Music UK Sport Stadium DJ official download data. Digital track downloads by DJ’s are counted every Thursday, with chart positions updated and published every Friday. Shoot Music provide a wide selection of new music from artists of all backgrounds, styles & genres. Shoot Music new release downloads are considered for a duration of 2 months only.