SL shares ‘Little Bird’ from new EP release ‘Selhurst SE25’


SL shares the incredible new single ‘Little Bird’ (produced by Kenny Beats), taken from his second EP Selhurst SE25 which is out now.

The project also features recent track ‘Bad Luck’ (which became SL’s fifth charting single, with co-signs ranging from JME to Drake), warmup track ‘Hit The Block’ (featuring Pa Salieu), and SL‘s arrival as one of the UK’s most exciting and unpredictable young voices.

Selhurst SE25 marks a new chapter for SL whilst paying homage to his South London beginnings. It’s as intimate and intriguing a snapshot of the Croydon teenager coming of age as it is to witness a young man already taking his place on the world stage.

Listen to ‘Little Bird’ by SL x Kenny Beats on the Official Fantasy Premier League Playlist on Spotify.

Throughout, SL‘s evolution appears one that’s completely on his terms – he’s done this, after all, without even showing his face – and always ahead of the curve: his is a journey which connects the worlds of music, video, gaming, and speaks as equally to the urgency of British youth culture as it does global kingmakers like the EP’s chief producer, Kenny Beats.

There’s more to the mask than meets the eye where SL is concerned. The Peckham-born, Croydon-raised rapper represents a new wave of British youth culture: one borne out of the cross-pollination of genres, where rugged street narratives sit effortlessly alongside intricate, at times serene instrumentals.

Having been raised on golden-age MCs like Wu-Tang Clan, DMX, and Jay Z, at just 18-years-old SL is taking all these formative sounds and experiences somewhere new.

And like those rap greats who inspired him, it’s his multi-faceted approach to his craft – where the production, killer visuals and compelling storytelling all go hand-in-hand – that make him truly exciting.

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