Snakehips collab with Rivers Cuomo and KYLE on ‘Gucci Rock N Rolla’


London duo Snakehips (James and Ollie) have teamed up with KYLE and Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo to deliver the game-changing ‘Gucci Rock N Rolla’, a progressive evolution of their trademark hip-hop sound.

Best known for their genre-defying productions, Snakehips first started working on the record in March 2018, with Ollie adding: “We decided to try something completely different.

“James are I are huge Weezer fans, so it was just crazy that someone we respect so much (Rivers Cuomo) was really into our vibe.”

Listen to ‘Gucci Rock N Rolla (feat. Rivers Cuomo and KYLE)‘ by Snakehips on the Official Fantasy Premier League Playlist on Spotify.

With the duo adding Ventura-based rapper KYLE – who names Weezer as his favourite band – to their long-time wishlist of potential collaborators, their ambition became reality via a meeting in Hollywood. “We’ve always pulled off crazy collaborations…” said Ollie. “But this is definitely the wildest one yet!”

Led by a surf-rock feel, ‘Gucci Rock N Rolla’ is accompanied by a video which sees the duo star in a Napoleon Dynamite-inspired high school dream sequence.

Director Mikey Alfred – a creative best known for his work with Tyler The Creator, Jonah Hill & Vogue – casts a teenage version of KYLE & an innocent adolescent star as the Gucci Rock N Rolla.

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