South London Superstars Florence + The Machine drop latest single ‘Patricia’


Florence + the Machine’s stunning new single ‘Patricia’ is out now, taken from her career-defining new album ‘High As Hope’. Florence started writing the record (which is also the first she has officially co-produced) in solitude in South London, routinely cycling to her studio in Peckham every day to, as she puts it, “bang on the wall with sticks”.

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High As Hope is the sound of an artist who appears more certain than ever of herself. Florence writes now about her teens and twenties with a renewed, more mature perspective: of growing up in South London, of family, relationships and art itself. For perhaps the first time, ‘High As Hope’ is a record that is as intimate as it is epic, with the more restrained sound – relatively speaking; Florence knows herself well enough now to declare “I’m never going to be minimal”.

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An album that mixes high and low – from a tribute to Patti Smith one minute to being ghosted over text by a date the next – ‘High As Hope’ is made up, says Florence, “of joy and fury”…but with the joy arguably winning out, in the end. “It’s always a work in progress, and I definitely don’t have everything figured out. But this feels like quite a pure expression of who I am now, as an artist, and an honest one. I’m just more comfortable with who I am.” And that is the beginning of a far longer journey of Florence Welch.