Sport Playlists supports social media sensation Bands FC


Ever wondered what it would look like to see your favourite bands’ logos mixed with your favourite football clubs’ crests? Well, Bands FC have made your wish come true!

The social media sensation has combined music and football to help raise money for charity.

The Bands FC project was kick started by Tim Burgess, The Charlatans singer, and Mark Liptrott following a gig back in May, and now with the help of Nick Fraser too, they have a trending Twitter account that boasts over 22,000 followers!

Their aim is simple, but incredibly successful, mix as many football team badges with music band logos to their adoring [and growing] fanbase.

Because Sport Playlists loves Bands FC so much, go check out the Bands FC Playlist on Spotify!

The Bands FC playlist includes music artists such as The Charlatans, The Chemical Brothers, Frightened Rabbit, Daft Punk, Blossoms, Kings of Leon and Radiohead.

Following their phenomenal instant success, Bands FC have been overwhelmed with demand and questions about possible further projects and merchandise.

One confirmed design will see Bands FC produce enamel badges of their Frightened Rabbit/Hearts crossover, with all the money raised going towards a charity in the memory of Scott Hutchison, the band’s singer who was sadly found dead earlier this year after battling mental illness.

A simple, but sensational, idea that no one had thought of before, and all in the name of charity… What isn’t there to love about Bands FC?

Examples include merging Arsenal with AC/DC, Watford and The Charlatans, Nottingham Forest and The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen and Liverpool, Radiohead and Oxford United, plus Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Bayern Munich.

WATCH a selection of Band FC‘s artwork below!