Tottenham Hotspur FC Fan Playlist


Spurs supporters, head to Spotify now! Listen to Shoot Music‘s Tottenham Hotspur FC Fan Playlist for all the classic songs and new tracks associated with your Premier League club throughout the 2019-20 season.

Also added are new releases from music artists that support The Lilywhites.

Spurs have a rich musical history, and Tottenham-supporting acts that are featured on the playlist include Chas & Dave, Devlin and Adele.

Tottenham were founded in 1882 as Hotspur Football Club, and have gone on to become one of the most successful clubs in England, appearing at fifth in the all-time Premier League table. The club’s most significant honours came in 1951 and ’61, when they picked up their two league titles.

More recently, the club has experienced a buoyancy in terms of competitiveness, and as a result has competed in European competition every season since 2010-11. In 2019, the club opened it’s brand new 62,000 stadium, in a move that was seen as a representation of the new heights reached by the club in the 2010s. is your official destination for matchday music, from walking out to walking home. Check out the playlist above, and follow us on Spotify.