Starling Releases ‘Yellow Shoeshine’ From ‘Body’ EP


‘Yellow Shoeshine’, the new single from Starling, is available now on our Spotify Shoot Music – New Releases Playlist.  

The video to the song, which is about having sick on her shoe, is directed by Paulo Berberan (VHS Productions) who has been Starling’s visual collaborator throughout the campaign to her newly released EP ‘Body’, of which ‘Yellow Shoeshine’ is the final single to be taken from following ‘In The Dark’, ‘Large It’ and ‘No Rest For The Wicked’.

“I was done with my (now ex) boyfriend putting me in the “doghouse” when I went out,” said the London singer-songwriter on the inspiration for the song.

“I found myself shape-shifting in the relationship. I guess we all do that in some way as we all want love and to keep it.

“When I woke up with sick on my shoe at a bus stop on 2nd Ave in New York I did think I’d gone too far but I had a session to get to with a producer I hadn’t worked with before (Nick Sylvester) and so turned up but the thing was not only was I feeling terrible but I had some sick still on my shoe – sorry I know that’s gross but it’s true and so when he started with some beats I just started singing about last night and the ex and the whole thing of liberation and being you and not pleasing others. I guess the shoeshine was a powerful symbol.”

On the video, Starling says: “The dance hall, the crotch shots, the weird moves. Fuck it. It’s not about being polished. I’m a human being and my problem has always been this striving for perfection. It doesn’t exist and even if it did it would be boring. It would be like that meal you made without a mistake; uneventful, predictable.

“I’m a trained dancer but Paulo Berberan the director specifically wanted this to be about freedom not beauty. Although I hope it looks good it’s not about looking pretty, the crotch shots and the sweat on the leotard are a reflection of the song; I’m a mess some days but I own it. Perfection is an understandable desire as is being a “good” girlfriend but I’m more interested in being real and being myself. Whatever that might be.”

Described by Wonderland Magazine as “The pop princess who DGAF”, Starling’s sound is inspired by the likes of Sia and Fiona Apple, which really establishes her as a creative force to be reckoned with.

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