Stephen Malkmus shares third track from ‘Groove Denied’ record


Stephen Malkmus shares ‘Come Get Me’ and its accompanying lyric video, the latest track taken from his forthcoming album Groove Denied.

It’s the third track he’s shared from the record, out March 15, following on from the release of singles ‘Viktor Borgia’ and ‘Rushing The Acid Frat’.

Despite the predominant 80s-minimal-synth and industrial influences on much of the rest of Groove Denied, ‘Come Get Me’ is a bit closer to Malkmus’s comfort zone, “warped psych”, as he terms it.

Listen to ‘Come Get Me’ by Stephen Malkmus on the Official Fantasy Premier League Playlist on Spotify.

When Stephen Malkmus first arrived on the scene in the early Nineties, as frontman and prime creative force in Pavement, the area of music with which he was associated couldn’t really have been further from the techno-rave sounds of the day.

Electronic dance music, then as now, was about posthuman precision, inorganic textures, and hyper-digital clarity. Whereas the lo-fi movement in underground rock championed sloppiness, rough edges, and raw warmth – a hundred exquisitely subtle shades of distortion and abrasion.

Fast forward to the present and here comes Malkmus with Groove Denied – Stephen’s first solo album without his cohorts the Jicks since 2001.

He compares the process of track-construction to the way his kids “used to make these girls on my iPhone – choosing hair color, dresses, etc. That intuitive swipe and grab thing. Chop and move the waves. Apple computer scroll style of thinking.”

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