Steve Mason shares first new material from forthcoming album ‘About The Light’


Singer songwriter Steve Mason has announced details of the release of his new album, ‘About The Light’, and has shared its first upbeat single ‘Stars Around My Heart’.

The latest record from the former member of cult Scottish group The Beta Band is out on Double Six on Friday January 18 2019.

‘About The Light’ is his fourth solo album following ‘Boys Outside’ (2010), ‘Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time’ (2013) and ‘Meet The Humans’ (2016).

Having written most of his previous albums alone, ‘About The Light’ marks a change in approach for Steve.

“I decided with this album that I wanted to get my live band involved at every stage because I wanted to capture the energy that we produce when we play live shows, so this time the band and myself worked on a collection of songs over the course of last year,” he explains.

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Picking Stephen Street to produce the album, and with a very clear plan in mind, from the off the goal was to capture the songs live and draw out their soulful elements.

Talking about the process, Stephen Street says, “Steve explained that he wanted to make this album with his band playing more ‘live’ than on some of his previous offerings and also to augment the songs with brass and female backing vocalists.

“I felt this approach of first stripping back the songs to a more ‘live’ feel to create more space for the more ‘soulful’ elements to breathe in was an interesting one and we got down to work!”

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