Steve Mason shares ‘Like A Ripple’ from forthcoming EP release


Steve Mason has shared brand new track, ‘Like A Ripple’, from forthcoming Coup d’état 4-track EP featuring two further new recordings.

The singer will make a stunning return on October 18 with the 4-track Coup d’état EP on Double Six.

The EP features three brand new recordings alongside a Tim Goldsworthy remix of ‘America Is Your Boyfriend’, taken from his much acclaimed album About The Light, which was released in January of this year.

Listen to ‘Like A Ripple’ by Steve Mason on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

Talking about the opening track, ‘Like A Ripple’, Steve said:

“‘Like A Ripple’ came from a 4am jam at Dan Carey’s studio in London. Dan and I just went down into his basement studio one night and played together for a couple of hours.

“I took some loops from that jam (Bomb Squad style ) and wrote a song around one particular four second loop. I then took the basic song to Brendan Lynch and we just threw a load of ideas at it. I was listening to ‘I Travel’ by Simple Minds on repeat during this time, and wanted to do something with a similar energy.

“The final bit of extra magic came from Eli, who had sung backing vocals on my ‘About The Light’ album. After a bit of persuading that it should be her alone on the chorus she slipped from backing singer into spotlight mode and I had what I wanted.”

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